100% All Natural Argan Oil


Shaping the Future One Drop at a Time

Having access to books and education is a luxury not all children have. Canada is fortunate to have an excellent educational system and a thriving library network. Developing countries require assistance to ensure the educational development of their children. A Door to Morocco strives to support two Moroccan charities, a children's library and an orphanage, while also providing an opportunity for women cooperatives to have a reliable and fair income through our products. We believe that our high-grade authentic Argan Oil has proven results and is derived from an ethically sourced 100% natural ingredient that will leave your skin and hair healthy, nourished and soft.

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Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials rating A Door to Morocco 5/5 stars

“ Love it! Extremely soothing when your belly is growing and stretching. I use it every night before I go to bed or anytime after I get out of the shower.  Since using the argan oil I haven't obtained any new stretch marks. I  would highly recommend this product to other pregnant mamas. "

- Kayla S.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials rating A Door to Morocco 5/5 stars

“ A Door To Morocco Argan Oil has been part of my daily skin regimen for over a year now. I especially like to use it on my neck and décolletage. It’s also fantastic as cuticle oil leaving them soft and supple. I highly recommend this product and will not be without it. Very fast and efficient shipping! ”

- April H.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials rating A Door to Morocco 5/5 stars

“ I've been using oils for years and have tried several argan oils but A Door to Morocco's argan oil is the best I have ever used. After one use I was addicted! "

- Jocelyn G.

Love this stuff!

Lori H.

I have been using Morocco Oil for many years now, I love it. We are all trying to be more mindful and live a healthier life. Morocco Oil is ALL natural, NO additives or dyes. I have seen Morocco Oil in salons but that oil has all kinds of additives to them. We want pure skin products. It leaves my skin feeling like velvet. I could not go a day without my Morocco Oil

Kellee H.

The People Inspiring Our Commitment

Every purchase goes towards supporting two amazing foundations in Morocco. These organizations provide much needed assistance in their communities, by shaping the lives of children and ensuring they have proper access to good education and a well-balanced life for a better future. 

Children sitting down for story time at the Medina Children's Library in Fez, Morocco

Medina Children's Library

In a small 10’ X 12’ room, the Medina Children's Library (MCL) provides education and books for children in the cultural capital of Fez, Morocco.The library sees nearly 1,200 visits monthly as the only children’s library in the area. Since opening in 2015, the library has been able to nurture the love of reading for many children and provide them with further learning opportunities. The MCL has been able to expand its programs over the years by adding field trips, movie nights, and book rentals. The founders rely on support from the community and donations to replace books and sustain the costs of operating.

Child and an adullt sitting down for play time with stuffed animals at the Friends of Fez Orphanage in Fez, Morocco

Friends of Fez Orphans

Enhancing the lives of children is the main priority at the volunteer run organization, The Friends of Fez Orphanage (FOFO). The association focuses on providing an opportunity of education, various types of therapy, and socialization skills, which work to form a safe environment for young children to grow up in. Over the years the organization has been able to provide hair styling lessons for girls, cooking classes, and tons of educational field trips through donations. To sustain the diverse programs offered at FOFO, the volunteers rely on community support and partnerships to fund brighter futures for children.